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Laudate Dominum, Mozart, arranged for mezzo-soprano, violon, guitar orchestra and choir.

Guitar spiders? The Spider study; I said to myself a few days ago, why not put the warm-up exercise that I teach all my students to music?

Here is homework for this week, the goal was to make a video each at home, the students all managed to find how to record an orchestral piece, here is the result! (VID6798, practice with Rémi vol.2 )

Leisure time in Estonia (2020-03-15)

Rémi Boucher & Rébecca Veilleux

Spontaneous recording with a complementary guitar student!

Leisure time in Estonia (2018-12-27)

Rémi Boucher

Aranjuez concierto for solo guitar, transcribe by Rémi Boucher

Rémi Boucher

1rst movement Aranjuez concierto

Rémi Boucher

2nd movement, Aranjuez concierto

Rémi Boucher
3rd movement, Aranjuez concierto

Aranjuez concierto with symphonic orchestra 

Chamber music

Chanson sans parole

Gabriel Fauré

Some compositions of Rémi Boucher

Canadian Reel (Reel St-Ann)

Rémi Boucher


Russian Fantaisie

Rémi Boucher



Ernesto Lecuona, transcribe y cadenza by Rémi Boucher

Papillon Chinois (Chinese butterfly)

dedicated to Magdalena and Carina

Rémi Boucher

Rémi Boucher