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News of the video project


Here is the list of the participants, if you don't see your name and you have sent your video, please contact me (see the list of musicians inscribed)!


On Monday 18th, I will work on the audio, it will take some days to balance all instruments.

I will give you here on the progress, keep watching!


The international project “virtual gathering of plucked string instruments” works very well! I got now videos of 58 musicians (15 different instruments) from 23 countries!

Musicians are from: Canada, Chili, China, Columbia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Iran, Italia, Japan, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, USA & Puerto Rico.

Since the beginning of May, I have received videos for this project, my colleagues and students from here and from all these countries, joined me to record the piece Hornpipe by Händel (Water Music, HWV 349).

I'm currently doing technical tests to find the best technical approach for processing audio and video, I wonder how my computer will process all those videos, a lot of rendering to do!

I would like to thanks all the participants for their generosity, it was great to exchange with all those great musicians from all over the world, I listened them all one by one, it was amazing!

Some photos to give you a glipse...


In this week, I work on the audio of each video in order to remove background noise, there are still 50 videos to polish. I do several a day, some of them require more work than others.




Return form Holidays, I will start to work on the video.

Rémi Boucher

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